IBTIDA DRUG REHABILITATION PROGRAMME has been working with drug addicts since 1984. Ibtida is Urdu for beginning. The program helps people of all faiths to come off drugs, believing the best way to stay drug free is through transformed lives. The government and private sector place their emphasis on providing detoxification services. Ibtida offers a new approach to drug abuse, emphasizing community-based rehabilitation and a spiritual response to their message of repentance. ‘We find that more and more addicts respond to our message of repenting from the sin of drug taking, whether they are Christian, Muslim or Hindu,’ says Philip Simpson. ‘We pray in Jesus’ name and people recognise the power of his name, whatever their own faith.’ Many who have come off drugs with Ibtida say that prayer is more powerful than medicine. We know that most drug addicts will stop taking drugs for a short while, and then start taking drugs again. We aim to work with people until they are strong in their new life

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Phone: (021) 35660901
Address: Fatima Jinnah Rd, Civil Lines, Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh

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