The Genius

The Genius

Addiction Center at "The Genius – Farm House 360” is a free-standing behavioral health treatment facility. Here we offer a unique treatment alternative to the traditional approach in treating Drug and Alcohol addiction and substance abuse. We believe in 360 degree Holistic approach towards drug treatment. This is Pakistan’s only Addiction & Psychiatric Hospital / Rehab on Farm House Rehab concept situated in Lahore.
A caring staff of addiction treatment professionals and holistic therapists offering state-of- the-art levels of clinical addiction treatment. The recovery programs offered at Pavilion, draw from the best of modern scientific knowledge. We offer diversified behavioral health treatment plans, including individual and group therapies, psycho-educational interactive group, and a new variety of adjunctive holistic treatment modalities that include neuro / bio feedback, yoga expressive art therapy, spiritual well being and deep tissue massage.

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